My favourite Christmas present

Well, the hordes have left, all eleven of them. Plus the two of us that was thirteen for Christmas. Despite a few minor mishaps (the meat delivery that was supposed to come on Friday never arrived, so there was a mad dash to the supermarket around midday on Christmas Eve when we decided it wasn’t going to; fortunately the turkey wasn’t part of that package as I was picking one up from a local farm) it all went very well; everyone enjoyed themselves, no-one fought, and Robin didn’t react at all to his brother’s cat (he’s allergic, but the cat doesn’t shed or drool). We had lots of carol singing and piano playing and eating of turkey. An eight point four kilo turkey and it’s all gone now. (Even the bones were made into soup.) I’m feeling quite triumphant now.

Having hordes for Christmas is a good thing because it means that you get presents from every single one of them. My favourite present was from Robin’s nine-year-old niece, Amy, who’s been learning pottery and had made everyone hand-turned and -painted pots. She gave us a small narrow pot – an absolutely perfect toothbrush holder of which we were sorely in need, but which it hadn’t occurred to me to ask anyone for.

Most of the hordes have now gone to the house of my parents-in-law where they have been joined by further hordes who weren’t able to come for Christmas itself. We’re all going to see The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe tonight at the Dominion in Edinburgh. I’m really looking forward to it – I’ve seen it once already so I know it’s good.