I’ve had for a while now rather stiff shoulders and a neck which crunches very easily and noisily. I’m sure it’s not good for it, but if I leave it for more than half an hour without turning my head sideways and crunching it begins to get genuinely sore. I’m sure this isn’t right.

I thought it might be to do with my posture at work, but after I’d acquired a footstool, my position at the computer was actually not too bad. But eventually I realised that when I was correcting proofs (which, astonishingly enough, is still done on paper, even if it does get scanned afterwards), I tended to bend right over the desk. I realised that most ergonomic advice is based on the assumption that you’re working on the computer the whole time, not swapping between typing and writing. So I started to wonder what people did before computers. I thought of old school desks, Bob Cratchit in his cold office, St Jerome in his study. And I realised that they all had a sloped writing surface.

My work are good to me. They have ordered me one of these at my request. It should arrive in the New Year. Now I just have to deal with the fact that the numeric keypad on my keyboard (which I use a lot) is in exactly the place where I want to put my mouse. I think I’ll wait a bit before asking for a new keyboard with the keypad on the left-hand side. I don’t want them to think I’m too demanding. Though it’s funny: after I explained what I wanted and found a UK source for it, they went round asking everyone else if they wanted one too. One other person said yes; the rest said ‘No thanks, but can I have a [footrest|wristrest|copyholder]? So it seems I’m just the least backwards in coming forwards about it…

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