We had a piano tuner round yesterday. (Not the usual one; apparently he was too busy so he recommended someone else.) He declared the piano untuneable and said we’d have to get a new one. Decent pianos are expensive. We’re broke.

Robin phoned the usual chap, who said he’d had a cancellation and he’d be right around. So we should know by the end of today whether the piano is truly at death’s door, or whether it can be fixed up and kept going until we’re a little richer.

In other news, I sang in an Advert service/carol concert last night. (Nobody, including the organisers, knew which it was meant to be, which meant that the audience/congregation didn’t applaud the choir and then felt really guilty about it.) One of the pieces we sang was ‘Do you hear what I hear?’, which contains a line about the mighty king saying ‘The child, the child, sleeping in the night, he will bring us goodness and light’. Which is a little inaccurate, given that what the mighty king in question actually said was more along the lines of ‘Aagh! A child! Kill it! Kill it!’

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