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Little Leckmelm

We’ve spent the weekend in Little Leckmelm, a cottage on the shores of Loch Broom near Ullapool, with quite a lot of my family: uncles and cousins and aunts as well as my immediate family.

After the funeral

Thank you again to everyone who came, and everyone who was thinking of us or praying for us yesterday. It was a great help to know that you were all there supporting us. I looked at the little white coffin on its trestles at the front of the church and …

Thank you

I just wanted to thank everyone for your support. It’s very comforting to know that you’re thinking of us, and to hear you say that you enjoyed reading about Faith. I’m very proud to have had such a wonderful daughter who brightened so many people’s lives.


Our nappy laundry company (Pure Nappies) have just gone bust! They sent us a letter yesterday telling us they had lost lots of customers because of the ‘current economic climate’ and could no longer sustain their expenses. Now we have to wash our own nappies. On the plus side, we …

Man (15) attempts rifle competition, gains 12 points

David Williams yesterday entered the National Target Sports Association competition at the Game Conservancy Scottish Fair held at Scone Palace this weekend. Mr Williams, 15, who had paid £2 to enter the competition, hit one of the five targets near the centre for eight points and the other four near …

My favourite Christmas present

Well, the hordes have left, all eleven of them. Plus the two of us that was thirteen for Christmas. Despite a few minor mishaps (the meat delivery that was supposed to come on Friday never arrived, so there was a mad dash to the supermarket around midday on Christmas Eve …