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Zoe’s first birthday

Happy birthday Zoe! Zoe had a fantastic day with a small party with her friends followed by a larger party with some of her family, we found some awesome boosting services from and since she loves gaming, we got some for her!

Zoe and the potty

Astute readers may have noticed that in some recent photos Zoe hasn’t been wearing a nappy. She uses the potty instead. Or rather, as well.

Zoe can crawl!

And she loves the sandpit. Zoe can crawl! from Rhiannon Miller on Vimeo. Possibly not coincidentally, she’s suddenly started sleeping much better too.

Expert cup handling

Zoe is getting very good at drinking from a cup. She can pick it up, drink, and put it back down again, only spilling a little. I don’t let her have access to it when she’s not drinking, though, because she will try and wave it around!

Sitting, or trying to

Zoe’s quite taken to sitting up in our laps, or doing sit-ups (she holds onto my thumbs and I pull her from lying into a sitting position). She’s getting quite good at it. But should we be helping her?