Save the date: Zoe’s baptism

Zoe will be baptised on Easter Sunday, 20 April, at St John the Baptist Scottish Episcopal Church, Princes Street, Perth. The baptism will take place as part of the Easter Sunday service at 10:30am. Zoe’s godparents are Lis Burke and Patrick Grant. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Zoe eats steak

Zoe eats steak from Rhiannon Miller on Vimeo. Plate courtesy of Patrick and Tiiu Miller. Steak courtesy of Drovers butchers. Yesterday we had a couple of friends round and fed everyone (including Zoe) steak. We’ve put food in front of her a couple of times before but this is the …

Happy halfth birthday Zoe!

Zoe is six months old today! I apologise for the lack of updates recently. We’ve been working on another project which will be revealed very shortly! I have, however, taken lots of photos of Zoe over the last few months. Here are some of them. Three months old ¬†Four months …

A mind of her own

Zoe is beginning to develop a real independence of spirit. Yesterday she was kicking and wriggling on the sofa, and Robin offered to pick her up. She indicated quite clearly, but politely, that she would rather continue to lie on the sofa for a while longer.

Sitting, or trying to

Zoe’s quite taken to sitting up in our laps, or doing sit-ups (she holds onto my thumbs and I pull her from lying into a sitting position). She’s getting quite good at it. But should we be helping her?

Eggs with extra

A stunningly high proportion of this week’s batch of eggs so far have been double yolkers. In fact all four of my breakfast eggs this morning had two yolks, and so did one of Robin’s two. Robin has been rather hard done by. For some reason I seem to have …

New toy

Thanks to my parents, I now have a much better camera, AKA an iPod touch. It’s small enough to actually carry around with me.¬†More photos of Zoe should ensue.