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Zoe’s breakfast

Zoe likes yoghurt. A lot. But not as much as she likes fishcakes. (400g tinned mackerel or steamed salmon, one small potato chopped and boiled, one medium onion fried gently, some garlic, all beaten together in the food mixer with one egg and whatever flavourings I can cobble together –ginger and …

Zoe and the potty

Astute readers may have noticed that in some recent photos Zoe hasn’t been wearing a nappy. She uses the potty instead. Or rather, as well.

Zoe can crawl!

And she loves the sandpit. Zoe can crawl! from Rhiannon Miller on Vimeo. Possibly not coincidentally, she’s suddenly started sleeping much better too.

Expert cup handling

Zoe is getting very good at drinking from a cup. She can pick it up, drink, and put it back down again, only spilling a little. I don’t let her have access to it when she’s not drinking, though, because she will try and wave it around!

Save the date: Zoe’s baptism

Zoe will be baptised on Easter Sunday, 20 April, at St John the Baptist Scottish Episcopal Church, Princes Street, Perth. The baptism will take place as part of the Easter Sunday service at 10:30am. Zoe’s godparents are Lis Burke and Patrick Grant. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Zoe eats steak

Zoe eats steak from Rhiannon Miller on Vimeo. Plate courtesy of Patrick and Tiiu Miller. Steak courtesy of Drovers butchers. Yesterday we had a couple of friends round and fed everyone (including Zoe) steak. We’ve put food in front of her a couple of times before but this is the …

Happy halfth birthday Zoe!

Zoe is six months old today! I apologise for the lack of updates recently. We’ve been working on another project which will be revealed very shortly! I have, however, taken lots of photos of Zoe over the last few months. Here are some of them. Three months old  Four months …