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yoghurt face

Zoe’s breakfast

Zoe likes yoghurt. A lot. But not as much as she likes fishcakes. (400g tinned mackerel or steamed salmon, one small potato chopped and boiled, one medium onion fried gently, some garlic, all beaten together in the food mixer with one egg and whatever flavourings I can cobble together –ginger and …


Eggs with extra

A stunningly high proportion of this week’s batch of eggs so far have been double yolkers. In fact all four of my breakfast eggs this morning had two yolks, and so did one of Robin’s two. Robin has been rather hard done by. For some reason I seem to have …


Hot chocolate, or chocolate mousse

I’ve been avoiding dairy for the last, what, six or seven months? How come it took me so long to try this? I’ve been thinking about trying to make a dairy-free hot chocolate with coconut milk instead of cow milk for some time, but just got around to it this …


Nice neighbours

We have lovely neighbours on our street. Lots of them have popped by with gifts for Zoe and cards, and more have stopped me on the street to say how glad they were to hear our news. The gossip factory worked fast after our next-door neighbours spotted the ambulance pulling …

Zephyr F1 courgette. One of very many!

The harvest begins

The courgette season is upon us. Hooray! I sowed more courgette seeds than usual this year, to make up for growing fewer types of veg. Most of them came up. So now we have about fifteen plants in three different varieties, all producing prolifically. In previous years we might have …


Dairy-free frozen sweet things

So with this hot weather we’ve been wanting lots of ice cream. With both Robin and now me as well being sensitive to dairy (it seems the baby is taking after him; I’m hoping that once it’s out normal service will be resumed), this is a little tricky. I’ve been experimenting …

The first slice, showing the creamy cherriness inside

Black Forest Gateau

Robin’s birthday was on Tuesday, and he wanted to treat himself to a cake. Specifically, a Black Forest Gateau. And he wanted a real one – none of this Paleo or low-carb or gluten-free nonsense, but something with real sugar and real flour. So he found himself a recipe and …

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