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Yesterday was Faith’s birthday. She would have been four. We took some flowers to her grave. Someone else had been before us and left a tiny Christmas tree and some little pottery animals. It’s good to know that other people are remembering her too.


Faith’s gravestone has now been put up. We visited the grave and brought flowers on Tuesday – six months since she died. I miss her.

In memoriam

Thank you, everyone who donated money at Faith’s funeral or sent us money afterwards. All together, we raised £1695.69. Much of this money came from the wonderful people at the Baby-led weaning forums, who have been a source of great comfort and support. Most of this money has gone to …

After the funeral

Thank you again to everyone who came, and everyone who was thinking of us or praying for us yesterday. It was a great help to know that you were all there supporting us. I looked at the little white coffin on its trestles at the front of the church and …

Thank you

I just wanted to thank everyone for your support. It’s very comforting to know that you’re thinking of us, and to hear you say that you enjoyed reading about Faith. I’m very proud to have had such a wonderful daughter who brightened so many people’s lives.

Faith’s funeral

Faith’s funeral will be at 1pm on Thursday 7 January at St John’s Episcopal Church, Princes St, Perth. If you can make it I’d be very comforted to see you there; if you can’t, please feel free to join with us by lighting a candle, saying a prayer, or just …

Faith is dead.

Faith died in the night on Monday night. I found her in her bed on Tuesday morning. She’d been dead for several hours. She’d been a little bit under the weather lately. On Monday morning she was absolutely fine, bright and perky, and helped us dig the car out of …

Merry Christmas!

Have a very merry Christmas everybody! I took Faith into the garden this afternoon to build a snowman. (‘Snowmannn!’) Her idea of building a snowman was to let Mummy assemble a nice big pile of snow and then step into it shouting ‘And go woo!’ And repeat this several times. …

Faith is two years old!

We took Faith to the zoo yesterday to celebrate her second birthday. The original plan was that we go to the zoo in the morning and have a party at her grandparents’ flat in the afternoon. But Robin’s piano recording session, which was supposed to have finished then, ended up …

Shampoo review

Tonight at bathtime I was washing Faith’s hair. After I’d wet her hair, she reached for the shampoo. I put a tiny little dab of it on her hand and she rubbed it into her hair, or rather her forehead with me directing her to move her hand to the …

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