A few more photos of Zoe

Looks like time has run away with us again and it turns out it’s been a few months since I last posted anything here. Sorry! Here are a few recent pictures of Zoe.

Zoe loved going to the zoo. She’s fond of all animals. She was a little disappointed that the pandas were boringly asleep, but enjoyed the koalas and the monkeys.

She wants to walk everywhere and requests ‘Shoes. Toddle.’ at every opportunity. Until she gets tired and then it’s ‘Mummy carry-oo!’ She also loves to be read to: current favourites include The Cat In The Hat, Hand Hand Fingers Thumb, Bringing Down The Moon, We’re Going On A Bear Hunt, and anything with photos of items for her to point to and name and count. An Easter catalogue from Aldi was a big hit.

She’s quite a fussy eater and doesn’t like her food to be contaminated with other food. I am often handed a piece of cheese or omelette at breakfast and told ‘Wipe it. Got yoghurt on it.’

For good measure, here’s a video of Zoe enjoying her hot cross bun on Good Friday: