Chicken pox, and after

Zoe has had chicken pox. She came down with it on the day of her 11-month birthday. It was all over her nursery but she seems to have been the only one of the babies to catch it!

She had a very mild dose. No fever, very little itching (she flapped at her ear a bit, but that was all), and just one afternoon when she acted as if she had a bit of a headache. Apart from that she marauded around the house and garden almost as usual, but with perhaps a bit more clinginess and certainly more feeding in the middle of the night! I think the breastfeeding really helped, as she’ll have got my antibodies to help her. And it was a very easy source of comfort for her. Night weaning has completely gone by the board though!

She’s been much better in the last week, though perhaps tiring more easily than usual. I had to take her out of nursery early on Friday because she wasn’t coping well. But she loved her swimming lesson on Monday, with lots of swimming underwater! And the pox are healing nicely.

I haven’t taken any photos of a sick spotty baby because I don’t think that’s fair on her. I haven’t taken any photos of a better but still rather spotty baby because I misplaced my iPod for a few days. Fortunately now found! under a pile of bags under a chair.

So instead here are a couple of photos of Zoe pre-pox. More soon!

Zoe crawls in the garden The camera is so exciting!