Sitting, or trying to

Zoe kicking and wriggling on her back

Zoe kicking and wriggling on her back

I apologise for the infrequency of updates. Zoe doesn’t often nap during the day except on me, and she wakes to the sound of the keyboard. (The world is a very exciting place and she doesn’t want to miss any of it!)

This means that I have at most three hours a day (the time between when she goes to bed and when I do, assuming that she doesn’t need significant attention during this period) to do all non-baby-related activity aside from very basic social media browsing. This includes producing the church magazine, preparing Robin’s website, helping my mum with her new blog, some basic housework, and paying attention to my husband, as well as updating this blog.

Zoe’s quite taken to sitting up in our laps, or doing sit-ups (she holds onto my thumbs and I pull her from lying into a sitting position). She’s getting quite good at it.

Zoe tries to sit from Rhiannon Miller on Vimeo.

But then today I read this suggestion that helping your baby into a position she can’t get into by herself stifles her development.

I agree with a lot of the other stuff on the site, about respecting your baby and treating her as a person right from the start. So I am considering this quite seriously. I’m certainly trying to give her plenty of opportunity to kick and wriggle on her back, and she is gradually increasing the length of time she’ll do this without needing a cuddle. At baby groups when there are other infants to play with she can go a good twenty minutes. And I’ll try to back off a little on sitting her up – though she loves it so much that it is hard!

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