Cello repair

Mum very kindly offered to pay for my cello to be serviced as a Christmas present. I’d been noticing a bit of buzzing for a while, and a fellow cellist in the orchestra had pointed out some problems with it that were making it more difficult to play. So my cello is currently at Gordon Stephenson’s in Edinburgh, having its

  • fingerboard reshaped
  • bridge replaced
  • soundpost moved (and possibly replaced)
  • strings replaced
  • seams reglued
  • end-pin and spike replaced

I thought I’d be cello-less for the duration, but the nice people at my orchestra have lent me the orchestra cello.

My borrowed cello

It’s actually not a bad instrument, except for a rather large crack in the middle of one shoulder. But I’m hoping that my own cello will come back sounding better than it ever has!