In memoriam

Thank you, everyone who donated money at Faith’s funeral or sent us money afterwards. All together, we raised £1695.69. Much of this money came from the wonderful people at the Baby-led weaning forums, who have been a source of great comfort and support.

Most of this money has gone to Edinburgh Zoo, where they have now put up a plaque with her name on it in the Mansion House Gardens. The money will be spent on their conservation and education projects. I mentioned Faith’s fondness for tigers, and they told me that the donation would go towards work in DNA analysis for the captive tiger breeding programme, and working with local police in Vietnam to stop illegal trade in tiger skins. There is an image of a tiger on her plaque.

We also gave £400 of it to our local library. Faith loved Rhymetime and storytelling, crafts and drawing, climbing the book tower and watching the fish in the fishtank. And she was exceedingly keen on the books!

We are buying the library some new seating and a rug for their storytelling corner:

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