After the funeral

Thank you again to everyone who came, and everyone who was thinking of us or praying for us yesterday. It was a great help to know that you were all there supporting us. I looked at the little white coffin on its trestles at the front of the church and thought of the contrast between this stillness and the lively little girl who’d run about the church and try to get at the candles. And I thought how much she’d have loved all the flowers (and wanted to pick them).

Here is the tribute to Faith we read out at the funeral.

The burial was hard but healing: the family lowered the coffin into the grave and I thought of the way we’d supported her and looked after her in life, and now we were letting her go, earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust. I looked up from the grave to the tree above, stark in the snow against the clear sky, and saw little buds on the ends of the branches waiting for Spring.

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