Faith is dead.

Faith died in the night on Monday night. I found her in her bed on Tuesday morning. She’d been dead for several hours.

She’d been a little bit under the weather lately. On Monday morning she was absolutely fine, bright and perky, and helped us dig the car out of the snow for her to go to nursery (though when she got there she decided she didn’t want to go and was a little upset when we left). Nursery phoned us mid-afternoon to say she wasn’t feeling well, so we came and took her home. She was a little hotter than usual, but not worryingly so, and a bit tired and sleepy. So I gave her some Calpol and got her ready for bed. She wanted me to turn out the light and sing her favourite lullaby, so I did. She was nearly asleep as I left the room.

In the morning she was lying there, still and cold.

I miss her so much. She was my daughter, my dear one. I loved her so much.

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