Faith has a rather random selection of beasts that she’s had given to her/discovered and decided she wants in the bed. I never suggested that she sleep with any of them; it was entirely her idea. Lately she’s started throwing them out of bed when she wakes up in the morning. This morning I went in to her and they were all on the floor.

‘Out!’ she said.
‘You want out of bed?’
‘Oh, the toys are out! Yes, they’re all on the floor.’
‘Fighting? Who’s fighting?’
‘Cow. Ah-bert.’ [Albert is a Chinese dragon, rather smaller than the flat cow. They’d landed close to each other, so that Albert’s head was resting on the back of the cow.]
‘Well, you’d better go and break it up then,’ I said, lifting her out of bed.
‘Yes, go and tell them not to fight.’
So she picked up the cow in one hand and Albert in the other, looked at them seriously, and said ‘Not to fight.’