My not-yet-two daughter is more organised than I am. She frequently reminds me to do routine things that I might otherwise forget. ‘Eyes,’ she tells me as I get dressed, reminding me to put my contact lenses in. ‘Ointment, toe!’ she says while she’s having a bath in the evening and after my shower in the morning, reminding me to put cream on the sore spot on my foot. ‘Grind, linseeds!’ she says as we’re getting a meal ready, reminding Daddy to prepare his ground linseed drink.

Oh yes, the linseeds. Robin has been having more and more stomach upsets lately, so he had himself tested for food allergies. Apparently he has mild intolerances to dairy, beef and eggs, and is to stay off dairy for six months and beef and eggs for three. (Also sole and plaice, but he doesn’t really eat those anyway!) The linseeds were recommended to help his digestion recover. He’s also taking probiotic tablets (since he can’t eat yoghurt) and extra digestive enzymes. Ever since he started this diet he’s seemed to be a lot healthier.