Faith’s latest word is ‘Eye’. I think this comes from a book I got her from the library which talks about eyes and noses and mouths and so on. Tonight as I was putting her to bed she kept saying ‘eye’ and pointing at (or rather poking) my eyes and pointing at her own eyes. She also said ‘eye’ when she pointed at my nose, but I’m sure she’ll learn!

She’s still teething. Some people on a forum I frequent swear by amber bead necklaces. Apparently they release succinic acid which is absorbed through the skin. I can’t quite see it myself. You can get succinic acid from amber, yes, but surely even round the throat the beads would be too far away from the site of the pain to do any good, even if succinic acid does relieve pain (can’t find any evidence for that either). Lots of articles (e.g. this one) say ‘Recent scientific research has proved that succinic acid has a beneficial affect on the human body’, usually in that exact wording which makes me suspect that they’re all copying from the same source. None of them link to any of this purported research. I would like to see a randomised controlled trial comparing amber necklaces with amber-coloured plastic ones, but I doubt anyone’s doing that. So I reckon its main function is a placebo effect on mummies, with the possible added benefit of making the baby look terribly cute in a little necklace.

Paracetamol, now. Paracetamol works. And she knows it: she signs ‘hurt’ and reaches for the bottleā€¦