New developments

Faith’s communication is coming along nicely. She’s now saying ‘bye bye’ (or rather ‘ba ba’) – up until now she’s said ‘hiya’ for both ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’. (‘Ba ba’ can also mean ‘beep beep’ as in a pedestrian crossing, and ‘boobie’.) I got a book for her out of the library with words and illustrations for ‘heads shoulders knees and toes’ and sang it to her several times. Now she can point to her head when asked, and a few days ago as I was getting her up she pulled her pyjamas off her leg and, once her foot was out, pointed to her toes and said ‘toh’.

On Sunday we had grandparents for the afternoon and a three-course dinner, which in the way of these things was a little later than normal. In the gap between finishing the first course and serving the second course Faith became grumpy – she’d had an exciting afternoon and was now very tired. So she started signing ‘brush teeth, brush teeth’ to indicate that she wanted to brush her teeth and go to bed! Or perhaps she was signing ‘pudding’ – but in any event she wanted things to move along a bit faster, and could let us know about it.