Merry Christmas

We were phoned at about half past ten last night, just as we were about to go to bed. Our organist had taken ill, and would Robin step in? Robin chose to fill in for the morning rather than the midnight service, as that was the one we were planning to go to anyway (I gather one of the other organists in the congregation ended up playing at the midnight). You wouldn’t have guessed that some of the music this morning was sight-read!

We were also on sidesduty this morning (must get off that rota, we never wanted to be on it in the first place), so while Robin nurdled introductory music, I stood at the back handing out service sheets while Faith charmed everybody. Then at Communion she walked all the way up the aisle, holding on to Mummy’s hands!

The accidental turkey was very tasty indeed, and Faith loved it (though she loved the prawn starter even more, and was very fond of the cranberry sauce). She’s now asleep. We’ve opened our presents and I’m now sitting in front of a lovely orange fire, drinking whisky and sending ecards to various people.

Merry Christmas everybody!