She’s growing up!

Faith has now got over the illness she’s had over the past week that’s been making her feel a bit out of sorts. Now that she’s perkier again you can really see how much older she looks! It’s great fun watching her play at the moment, as she tries to apply each toy to every other toy in reach to see if it does anything. She hits her activity centre with her ball: that doesn’t do much; so she hits a cocoa tin with a plastic teether: that makes a nice noise, so she does it some more! She’s also trying to explore everything within reach: pulling handles and knobs to see if there’s a result. She’s hard at work practising standing up and sitting down again, and I don’t think it’ll be long before she can get around unaided. Then watch out Mummy and Daddy!

Robin is pleased to discover he doesn’t need a new piano after all. Instead of spending £30,000 on a new piano, you just get the piano tuner to revoice it for you with the aid of a nail brush, for about £50. Now it sounds lovely, and Robin’s career is back on track.