Good baby

So I’ve taken Faith to church a couple of times now, and introduced her to some neighbours, and the one thing everyone seems to ask is ‘And is she good?’ I find this rather an odd thing to ask; as if a month-old baby could possibly be malicious or even mischievous. What they’re actually asking, of course, is ‘Is she convenient?’ – a rather different question. I agree that if it were pointed out, most of them would acknowledge that there’s no moral dimension involved in behaving the way that babies do – purely on instinct. But the question seems to betray an attitude based on the assumption that a baby who, say, cries a lot is being ‘bad’ for inconveniencing its parents, and I rather dislike that.

And of course, the answer to the question (either one) is that she’s asleep most of the time, and rarely cries, but she’s waking several times in the night and seems to be sleeping more deeply during the day. So for our own good we need to work on those nocturnal tendencies!

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