The cat appears to be settling in. Ostensibly she’s still called Kitkat, but she’s being addressed fairly indiscriminately as ‘cat’, ‘beast’, ‘brute’, ‘pussy’, ‘minitiger’, and ‘kitty’. We think she’s missing her kittens: she will play for a bit and then roll over exposing her tummy, as if she wants milked. We’re trying to persuade her not to sharpen her claws on the sofa (she has a scratching post and is also allowed the rug), and further teach her not to resort to clawing the wall when restrained from clawing the sofa!

Thanks to everyone who has sent us good wishes for the baby! I’ve booked a couple of random days holiday from work in the hope that it will help me cope with the tiredness. The first is on Thursday and I’m really looking forward to it. Having said that I’d had very little nausea, I’ve just had several bad days. I thought morning sickness was supposed to be going away at this stage? I keep feeling that if only I can find the right food to eat it will go away, but it doesn’t seem to work like that… However, the new Ecuador Dark Magnums are rather good.