Disaster more or less confirmed

We had the regular (more competent) piano tuner round today. He’s fixed it up a bit, but it genuinely can’t be tuned properly – apparently there’s a real danger of explosion if we try. He reckons it is, if not exactly at death’s door, then at least through the gate and halfway up the drive. Apparently it’s either a humidity problem (lack of) or a crack in the board the pegs are pinned to, or possibly both; either way it would need taking apart and (at least) restringing – with new strings as the old ones are rusty. But that wouldn’t solve the problem that the glue (which is original boiled horse vintage 1920 according to the serial number) is disintegrating throughout the piano, so the action would need to be taken apart as well and all the ivories glued back on; nor would it deal with the worn felt on the hammers. But the pedals are fine…

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