This was one of many attempts to take a passport photo of Zoe. She now has a very cute passport.

A few more photos of Zoe

Looks like time has run away with us again and it turns out it’s been a few months since I last posted anything here. Sorry! Here are a few recent pictures of Zoe.

Zoe's four birthday cakes. Oops.

Zoe’s four birthday cakes

Zoe had four birthday cakes. This is quite shocking for a family that claims to be following a low-sugar diet. It was quite accidental. Honest.

Zoe plays with a book – a present from her friend Amelia (who couldn't come).

Zoe’s first birthday

Happy birthday Zoe! Zoe had a fantastic day with a small party with her friends followed by a larger party with some …

Zoe standing up

And Zoe’s first word is…

Zoe has decided to work on her communication skills and is talking and signing constantly. Hopefully soon we’ll start to figure out what she’s saying!